TTEd SIG 2014- Harrogate

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 2.37.09 PM‘The Basics and Beyond: A day of trainer development’

The day will be lead by Tessa Woodward, the founder of this SIG, and will alternate 30 minute slots of presentation with 45 minute slots of group work and discussion so that participants can learn from each other and make sure that the day is relevant to their own needs. The topics floated in Tessa’s part of the day will include:

– Establishing communication and terminology with teacher trainers, teacher educators, and mentors in differing settings,

– Core roles and tasks,

– Different ways of doing our core tasks, building a repertoire of process options,

– Different supervisory models and how these affect terminology, core tasks and process options,

– Teacher observation sheets analysed according to supervisory model,

The afternoon session will be led by IATEFL TTEdSIG committee members and will include a session given by Burcu Tezcan-Unal. The theme is ‘Learning technologies and affective elements of language teaching from a teacher training perspective’.

We will finish with

– Tessa Woodward’s  sessions of input, workshop, group presentations and feedback.

All welcome!

For more information stay in tune with us 🙂

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