imageUsing a design theory to explore how teacher learning works

Professor Donald Freeman

University of Michigan


In this session, we will explore a ‘design theory’ for teacher training and development, meaning a set of simple principles that describe how language teacher education activities and programs work and what makes them more (or less) impactful for teacher learning. There are two aims in using this design theory: To describe what goes on as we do training and development for and with teachers; and to organize those efforts more productively so that they realize our intended goals. The session introduces the five elements of the design theory—the parallel notions of communities of activity and of explanation, how they define and use certain social facts to articulate what they do, and how tensions in doing so can create opportunities for teachers to learn. We will use presentation, discussion, and hands-on activity to meet and explore these ideas both conceptually and concretely. Participants will be able to work with the ideas in a set of case studies, and then will have the opportunity to develop applications to their own situations.

We will be pleased to see you there.

TTEd SIG Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Birsen Tutunis