Our members and general ELT Public can reach the summaries and resources of this year’s PCE Liverpool 2013 entitled “What it takes to be a Teacher of Teachers” shared by the participants and the session leaders in this blog. Your comments will enhance our activities.


Birsen, TTEd SIG Coordinator

The PCE started with the opening of the SIG coordinator Prof. Birsen Tütüniş’s welcoming remarks and introduction to the committee members.

Gabriel, the newsletter editor

 TTEd SIG Newsletter editor, Gabiel Diaz Maggioli, invited everyone to send articles to the newsletter which will be produced in a pdf format to cut down on costs and increase accessibility. Gabriel encouraged the participants to share their ideas using our newsletter platform and told them how to reach the guidelines.

Gospel, Discussion List Moderator

TTEd SIG Discussion List Moderator, Gospel Ipkeme introduced himself and invited the participants to open discussions using the yahoo group channel.

Burcu, Events, Publicity & Membership Officer

The TTEd SIG events, publicity and membership coordinator, Burcu Tezcan-Unal mentioned the structure of the PCE which would have two parts, the first one would be focusing on Observation and Feedback and the second one would be on Coordinating Professional Development Activities. Both parts would start with the Penny and Jeremy’s input on which groups would be conducting discussions that would be followed by wrap-up stages by the session leaders’ comments.

Burcu said that the participants were welcome to contribute to the blog that would be shared by all those who could not make it to the event. She also gave the twitter hashtag channel as #TTEDPCE2013 as a new way of collating short summaries. Luckily the Free Wifi in the room allowed the participants to chip in the channel. Burcu also encouraged the participants to be the members of the IATEFL TTEd SIG facebook group and check the blog for the summaries of the previous events.

Participants are getting to know each other.

This is followed by a mingling activity which aimed to create a warmer and collaborative atmosphere amongst this multi-national group consisted of more than 25 nationalities.

Shairng their training contexts.

Breaking the ice.