TTEd SIG PCE Liverpool 2013

IATEFL TTEd SIG proudly announces that this year’s PCE will be conducted by the two experts of the ELT world: Penny Ur and Jeremy Harmer. They kindly accepted our invitation and prepared an interactive workshop programme that has been designed to cater for the main needs of teacher trainers and educators. Please see their abstract and book your seats for this extraordinary day before it is too late.

What it takes to be a teacher trainer

Based on 2012 Glasgow PCE feedback, this year’s PCE event is dedicated to focus on the practical guidelines for the following two important components of “Being the Teacher of Teachers”. Giving feedback on lessons focusing particularly on how to deal with resistance, and mentoring and conducting professional development activities. Jeremy Harmer and Penny Ur will give input, but the bulk of the time would be spent on participants’ sharing and presenting.

PCE participants will be invited to debate on the issues related to the main pillars of teacher training; mentoring, observations, giving feedback, conducting professional development activities and dealing with resistance. The sub topics to cover will be:

-What is a bad lesson / what is a good lesson?
-How do we diagnose what is right or wrong?
-How do we convey the message to the teacher?

So if you are a teacher trainer/teacher of teachers/responsible for implementing curricular reforms in your    context/aspiring teacher trainer, we believe our PCE at Liverpool will bring up many applicable food for thought .


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